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Warehouse and Production Paper Stock Control

This module enables the user to keep track of paper stock movement in and out of the warehouse. Upon receipt of goods received note from the warehouse, the user keys in the paper stock via receipt entry. Item release entry is used to release goods from the warehouse and the printing of slitting instructions for any conversion. As all stock movements in and out of the warehouse are registered, this information is used to verify the warehouse bill charges. Further stock reports are also printed indicating the minimum, maximum, average and last price for a particular paper group for a defined period. These reports are very useful in monitoring the purchase price and the movement of the paper stock.


  • Weighted Average Costing
  • Up-to-date Stock balance by Paper Group or by Warehouse
  • Tracks stock by Palette Size and multiple UOM’s
  • Tracks movement of Paper Stock from or to Warehouse
  • Facility to verify warehouse charges
  • Highlights minimum, maximum and last purchase cost for a defined period
  • Printing of Item Release Note for releasing warehouse goods
  • Facilitates tracking of Production Paper Stock
  • Printing of Slitting Instructions
  • Reports to keep track of stock balance by Warehouse or Paper Group
  • Inquiries of Stock & Stock Ledger by Part and Warehouse
  • Inquiries of Release Orders and Unprinted Release Orders
  • This module functions stand alone complementing the other EMS application modules


  • Item Release Note Printing
  • Stock Balance Report by Group
  • Stock Balance Report by Group / Sub Group Stock
  • Balance Report by Warehouse
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Re-order Report