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Sales Order Processing & Invoicing

The Sales Order Processing & Invoicing module enables orders to be processed on-line. Inventory & Accounts Receivable are updated automatically once an order is invoiced and posted. Accurate and up-to-date information on the status of an order can be viewed through on-line queries or extracted through reports. Further this module enables the user to maintain blanket orders via multiple delivery orders. Further the user may also print packing list for the warehouse as well as extract packing list for permit purposes.


  • Standard cross module features
  • Complete on-line entry of order (maximum of 99 order lines per order)
  • Option to automatically generate order numbers
  • Automatic update of stock balances
  • Provision to markup or mark down price based on cost of item
  • Provision to freeze shipment and to commit quantities for items with insufficient stock
  • Provision to modify or cancel an order
  • Allows partial shipment of an order
  • Option to print and update invoice in base currency regardless of currency in which it was raised originally.
  • Option to override additional charges description or adopt standard charges description for all orders
  • Provision to query or print outstanding orders
  • Provision to query on status of order i.e. whether order have been invoiced or whether d/o has been raised etc.
  • Option to blacklist bad customers i.e. user will be warned whenever order is raised for these customers. Need a supervisor to release shipment for these customers
  • Incorporates credit limit check. For customers exceeding the credit limit, the supervisor will need to approve these orders.
  • Option to block orders for amendment or deletion if either a delivery order or an invoice is printed. Amendment or deletion only allowed if authorized to do so.


  • Outstanding Order Report by Customer
  • Outstanding Order Report by Group/Item
  • Order Status Report
  • Facility to print multiple delivery orders and invoices against a particular order
  • Option to print invoice and/or delivery order directly from order entry.
  • Provision to print export invoice via export invoice entry
  • Provision to print Packing List