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Inventory Control

The Inventory module enables the user to keep track of inventory stock status through on-line queries and reports. It allows stock to be kept based on Item, Location as well as Bale/Carton. Option to maintain stock in a separate currency from base currency. Statistics & history data are maintained on-line. This module can be operated independently or as part of RiACT TTS.


  • Standard cross module features
  • Weighted Average Costing
  • Option to maintain stock in a separate currency from base currency
  • Facility to classify stock by group, subgroup and product
  • Option to maintain stock by Lot No
  • Provision to maintain GR. No (Godown Receipt No) at bale / ctn. level
  • Option to update design, color, gross wt and metric unit against bale / ctn.
  • Up-to-date stock balance by Item or by warehouse
  • Consolidated stock balance by group and subgroup available with zooming option to item level
  • Facility to enquire on Bale/Carton status
  • Highlights fast moving stock from slow moving
  • Provision to transfer stock from one warehouse to another
  • Automatic U-o-M conversion
  • Provision to update stock of one-time item
  • Maintains on hand, on order and committed stock balance
  • Zoom to Details Option available
  • Aging of Stock - User defined and upto 999 days
  • On-line update of Statistics & History data


  • Stock Balance Report by Group (with & without cost)
  • Stock Balance Report by subgroup (with & without cost)
  • Stock Detail Report by Warehouse (with & without cost)
  • Stock Detail Report by Group / Item (with & without cost)
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Aging Report (with & without cost)
  • Stock Summary Report
  • Stock Balance Report in Base Currency