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RiACT - Textile Trading System

RiACT-TTS is a high profile system designed to manage Trading of Textile Goods. It is a complete system providing flawless day-to-day operation, painless reporting, on-line queries and analysis of operational data to aid in the effective planning and smooth conduct of business.

Standard Cross Module Features

  • Multi User
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Warehouse
  • Multi-Module Integration & Interfaces
  • On-line Entry & Modification
  • Extensive Input Validation & Verification
  • Ease Of Data Entry & Transaction Adjustment
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Queries
  • History File Maintenance For Strategic Data
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Security To Prevent Unauthorized Access

The products are architectured to run on popular IBM Compatible PCs either in stand-alone mode or in a LAN environment. It is engineered to provide high performance in demanding environments.


  • Added Security Customer database information is centralized and secure
  • Higher Productivity Streamlined processes ensure increased and efficient resource utilization
  • Better Customer Service Prompt personalized attention and on time deliveries
  • Increased Revenues Efficient processes attract repeat and new customer business

Our Textile Trading System is widely used and is one of the most customizable system in the market. Please click the module for more information: