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Container Handling

CONTAINER HANDLING provides for the monitoring of the Status of Containers in respect of movement IN and OUT, Availability, Washing, Repairs, Loaded, Empty, Reserved, Off Hire coupled with flexible client specific invoicing patterns for charges based on Storage, Lift On/Off and Cleaning Services.


  • Shipper Specific Charge Rates with associated Shipper Invoicing method
  • Container Handling Charge Type Codes maintenance
  • Special Shipper Code Master
  • Standard Container Charge Code
  • Container Transaction Detail Entry, Detention Entry & Container Demurrage Entry options
  • Booking Reference (Delivery Instructions) via e-mail in EDI format
  • Container Movement Inquiry by Activity with comprehensive selection options
  • Stock Inquiry via a combination of status and selection options
  • Inquiry of Booking Reference Status and Unmatched Reference Status


  • Long Stay Containers
  • Depot Movement with flexible parameter selection and format options
  • Invoice Control Detail, Invoice Summary Statistics
  • Multiple, flexible Invoicing options catering to a variety of charges based on predetermined Shipper Invoicing preferences
  • Booking Ref, Unmatched Ref Status, Released Container, etc