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RiACT - Sea Container Handling System

The RiACT Sea Container Management System software modules are an integrated suite of proven applications that specifically address the needs of the sea container industry. The products are architectured to run on popular IBM Compatible PCs either in stand-alone mode or in a LAN environment. It is engineered to provide high performance under situations that demand extensive utilization of the system.

Standard Cross Module Features

  • Multi-Module Integration & Interfaces with RiACT Financial applications
  • On-line Entry & Modification, Input Validation & Verification
  • Ease Of Data Entry & Transaction Adjustment
  • Comprehensive Reports & Queries
  • History File Maintenance For Strategic Data
  • Flexible Configuration, Admin & Housekeeping options

The Sea Container Management System comprises of 2 main modules:

CONTAINER HANDLING provides for the monitoring of the Status of Containers in respect of movement IN and OUT, Availability, Washing, Repairs, Loaded, Empty, Reserved, Off Hire coupled with flexible client specific invoicing patterns for charges based on Storage, Lift On/Off and Cleaning Services.

CONTAINER MAINTENANCE is designed for efficient and accurate tracking of Container Repair and Maintenance activities from recording Estimates, Approvals, Completion of Maintenance activities to final Invoicing of clients.

SEACON master codes common to the Container Handling & Maintenance modules are: System User Codes,
Terms Codes, Customer Type, Currency Master for AR and AP I/F, Customer/Shipping Line, Container Size,
Container Type, Container Material, Container Type/Height, Yard, Haulier & Haul Ship-to Codes.

Our Sea Container Handling System is widely used and is one of the most customizable system in the market. Please click the module for more information: