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Sales, Job & Work Order Processing

This module enables the user to raise and print sale orders directly from the sales order entry. Specific features such as paper size, cutting shape, window size and position etc. are displayed from the part master and may be modified at this point. Facility to print job orders directly from the sales order entry is also provided and the user can generate multiple job orders for a particular sales order. Job orders can also be invoked separately for in-house envelope stock. Work orders enable the user to keep track of paper stock or envelope stock sent to outside contractors for rework. Status of job orders and sales orders can be viewed through on-line inquiries or extracted through reports.


  • Complete on-line entry of Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoices and Job Orders
  • Option to automatically generate Sales Order numbers
  • Printing of Sales Order directly from Sale Order entry
  • Highlights Customer Stock from Normal Stock
  • Automatic update of stock balances
  • Provision to modify or cancel a Sale Order
  • Printing of Job Orders directly from Sales Order entry
  • Provision to invoke Job Orders for in-house stock
  • Tracking of stock sent to outside contractors via Work Order queries and reports
  • Provision to raise an Invoice against multiple Sales Orders with the option to print Debit and Credit Notes
  • For Invoices raised against Sales Orders, the invoiced quantity is updated to the orders and selling price is updated if the Sales Order was raised with nil price
  • Sales Order Enquiry by Part, by Customer/Part, by Customer Order Date, by Customer Delivery Date
  • Job Order Enquiry by Part, by Customer, by Delivery/Issue Date
  • Sales Enquiry by Group/Part, by Customer/Group/Part


  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Job Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Sales Analysis by Group/Part
  • Sales Analysis by Customer/Group/Part