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Contract Management


  • Multi-Currency support
  • Flexible data capture input screens with data look-up and HELP facilities
  • Preview reports on-screen based on user selected criteria
  • Maintain Buyers, Suppliers, Banks, Currencies, Items and Terms & Conditions master files
  • Indent entries capture Buyer, Supplier and Item details. Indent numbering can be automatic or manual
  • LCs identify details of the party opening the LC. Pertinent Bank, LC opening date, expiry date, negotiating and shipment dates are captured
  • Shipment details capture Supplier Invoices, Vessel, Port of Discharge and Loading information
  • Trust Receipts record Acceptance, Due Date, Terms, Interest, Currency and Payment amount details
  • Export Details capture information for Invoice printing and track Export Receipts
  • Commission Details compute Commission receivable and received information
  • Buyer Indents can optionally be created


  • Indent LC Status by cut-off date provides details of:
  • LCs not opened by individual Supplier with Grand Totals
  • LCs opened and Shipments not made with Bank and Overall totals
  • Unpaid TR Listing by Bank in Detail or Summary for a range of due dates
  • Commission Collection report provides for the selection of a range of Suppliers for a given cutoff date and lists Indents and Commissions due for the range selected
  • Indent Item Listing by Item or Supplier for a range of dates, Suppliers and Items providing Itemwise or Supplierwise Item value totals
  • Indent Completion Status listing provides for Outstanding Shipment Indents or Outstanding and Delivered Indents for a user selected date range
  • Unpaid DA reporting dues on Outstanding Invoices to Buyers