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RiACT - FTS System
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Products & Services

Service Information

  • Applications that RICS has developed go under the brand name RiACT
  • The RiACT applications encompass Financials, Distribution, Logistics and Manufacturing.
  • Services offered include: Client training, module implementation services, software customization / development and software product maintenance support services.
  • Executive Information Systems, Interface to web and third party products provide value additions to RiACT applications.


RiACT offers a number of established industry specific products covering:

  • Container handling, maintenance & job control SEACON & JOBCON
  • Hamber & Gift Management System HMS
  • Paper & Envelope Manufacturing, Textile Trading System TTS
  • General Trading System GTS, Semi-conductor Trading
  • Audit & Accounting, Food Distribution, Travel & Transportation
  • Investment Management Systems to manage the securities like Bond, Equity, Deposits, Loans, Forex and Derivatives
  • Rostering and Payroll System and Visitor Management system for security companies.

When started?

The RiACT has a humble beginning with the DOS based Dataflex software to all the features needed for the SME's and grown as client server software over the period of 20 years.

Who are the people?

The RiACT has dedicated team of people consisting of domain experts and technology experts. The domain experts are having many years of industrial experience and can appreciate and understand the client needs to have them included in the RiACT application software.